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We at Indjapink provide accessible travel, tours, safaris, adventures and holidays for LGBT travelers with certain disabilities, tailor made to suit your individual options and needs. Our disabled tours and safaris range from scheduled departure itineraries to private and tailor-made journeys to all our destinations. Whatever your preference and budget we have options for you! Please feel free to enquire about any specific area, destination or property that you might be interested in. We try to be as flexible as possible to ensure your time spent in India exceeds your expectations! India is truly accessible with Pink enabled wheelchair accessible tours. Whether you use a cane, crutches, have a slight limp or use a manual wheelchair, we can show you the beauty of India and those destinations never before thought possible. Your disability, whatever it may be, should not influence your dream journey.

Whether you need wheelchair and bathroom assistance or simply the reassurance of having a travel companion during the trip, our travel companions will make sure you are well taken care of. Our travel companions accompany you on your trip and provide travel assistance every step of the way to make your trip comfortable and stress-free from start to finish. Our travel companions also coordinate and communicate with your loved ones throughout the trip to make sure they know you're safe and sound.

When you journey India with Indjapink, you can be assured of a welcome and congenial companionship. Our tours are meticulously planned keeping in mind the needs & requirements of physically challenged LGBT travelers. We know that you expect and deserve to be treated as an individual by us and by all the many establishments that we have selected to serve you.

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