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Russell on 12th Mar, 2014, says:"

When I first opened the Indjapink

website I knew that this would be something special, and that was 18 months before I stepped onto Indian soil. From the moment of welcome at the Delhi airport to the very last – somewhat sad – farewell I was looked after as though I was the most important person in the world. This level of organizational detail and the incredible efficiency of a very well “oiled machine” made my travels as easy as driving to my local shopping centre. I thank you, one and all, at Indjapink for such a seamless travel experience.

And this is without considering the product itself – nearly 3 weeks of, yes, ‘Incredible India’, a rich and diverse feast of wonderful cities, some of the most impressive guides I have ever encountered in many years of travel, and accommodation that was not only uniformly of a very high standard but was full of surprises – from the jewel-box like hotel in Varanasi to the very up-market tent in Pushkar to the suite in Jaipur to the grand elegance and luxury at Agra I was never disappointed and only delighted. 

Everywhere my hosts were charming, friendly and welcoming and everywhere I learnt a great deal about living in India as a man. My drivers were some of the most remarkably calm people I have ever met – nothing seemed to ruffle them whether it was traffic jams or the innumerable encounters with a veritable ‘zoo upon the road’ (we met donkeys, cows – of course – buffalo, camels, elephants, monkeys, dogs – many dogs – goats and horses)!

Indjapink is a unique travel company in a crowded market place and my first major trip to northern India was made all the more memorable because of the incredible passion they bring to what they do and the high degree of professionalism and efficiency they achieve in what is a fantastically chaotic, colourful and vibrant country."

Russell, Australia,