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16 November 2010

An Indian Panorama

If you are wondering what is that, then let me tell you that was the name of the 25 day tour that i just finished with Indjapink, now reffered simply as IP. Following are my impressions...

The tour was very creatively planned with amazing attention to detail. The presentation was attractive & different. Impressive stuff...

The cost was given at the last stage after i had agreed on the final travel plan after detailed & extensive exchange of emails. Felt good not to be rushed into money matters.

I had wired more than AUD 8000.00 in two installments. Each time IP sent me prompt confirmations within four working days. Prompt attention..

I was very warmly recieved by two gentlemen, one more lovely than the other, at the Delhi intenational airport. They garlanded me, placed a talik on my forehead( was told a it was a paste made out of saffron ) & greeted me with white flowers & stunning smiles. The welcome kit contained all the neccessary documents including the weather report for the next 10 days. serious stuff.., great attention to detail...:-)

The car was clean, modern & yes, Aircon. As promised by IP, it was at my disposal throughout the trip & not just for scheduled tours or as all the tour operators say, as per the itinerary.. A promise well kept.

IP had planned a dinner & bar visit the first evening. They had arranged for an escort / date to join me for dinner & later take me to the bar visit. Before you jump, the escorts & dates that are arranged by IP are not THE REAL SEX ESCORTS that we are more accustomed to. They are young men, just like you & me, with regular full & part time jobs. They do this to earn some pocket money on the side & at the same time have some fun by meeting foreigners over dinner , drinks etc.The dinner was great but the gentleman was simply delightful. Ask for Amit. I had a great time & ended up....! ! Well....;-)

IP had organized four more dinner & bar dates for me in the cities of Delhi, mumbai & Kochi. Each gentleman was wonderful & a new experience in his own way. This is the way to go for lot of other travel companies...

The massuers were fine, not hunks & i did'nt expect them too. They were on time, came in quitely & freshly showered. The massages were in general ok., a bit of relaxation therapy in your room & happy endings.

I had a fabulous driver in Keher Singh. Request for him if you can. He was simply fantastic, a bit of a teaser if i may & kept me great company on long journeys on torrid indian roads. I did note & do appreciate the fact that during all the long road journeys, IP ensured that the car carried a box of mineral water bottle in the boot. Again , amazing Kindness & attention to detail.

IP was in touch with me throught my stay in India, calling me up every second or third day to ensure if everything was allright. I was touched & still remain thankful.

The hotels were all nice & first class. I had requested for stylish boutique luxury & that's what i got. No problems there, mates. Afew were definately more friendly than others. Especially try & stay at Te in delhi & The Tree of Life in jaipur, highly recommended by IP & well worth the money.

The guides were fantastic. Ask for Mr. Santosh, again a teaser but definately available, in delhi( was told that Mr. sanjay had personally interviewed him twice before shortlisting him)., extremely charming & Mr.Ashok in jaipur. Also keep an eye for Mr. Sabu in wayanad, kerala where he took me for a guided trek to the ashtamudi hill.


mmmmm..., At times i thought the schedule was too packed whereas i needed to slow down. But then, i had decided on the schedule & so knew what was i getting into

A tad expensive. Overall a big THUMBS UP.

About myself. I am in my forty's, a very busy australian businessman based in Sydney.

Mworth, Sydney, Australia