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Stephen and Miguel

16 October 2009


writing this message from varanasi sitting in the balcony of our room overlooking the Ghats.would simply say, have spent 03 wonderful days in Delhi before moving ahead here.the team at Indjapink is very friendly, caring & with good looking men...;-)

ws a bit disspointed as we wre not able to view the marriage ceremony as they had mentioned in there itinerary. they say that it was not an auspious day for hindu marriages to take place.But instead thy arrangd for us to view a sufi music night at the famous Town Hall of the British Era. Must say it ws a magnificant show .the atmosphere ws electrifying...

must thank them for arranging it...thy also upgraded us to a 5 * dlx, a surprise fr us.

till nw absolutely satisfd with there services.wld give 8 out of 10 point to Indjapink .

thank you & much appreciation.

Stephen & Miguel, Stephenrandell, Madrid