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Kalle Gustafsson

21 September 2009

I feel they are intelligent & responsible gentlemen. I did not face any problem with money.I think you also will have no problm.

I am totally agree with you. the tour they gave me was also very intrsting with gr8 new ideas. I was very keen on indian architecture & spiritualism. they arranged for me to meet 2 spiritual teachers, one in varanasi & one in kerea. the meetings were deeply learning. i also met a historian in khajurao, much btter than a tourist guide & oberved a lot more.

one little detail that i forgot to mention is that wherever i went, whichever city, my car alwys had a bottle of my favourite wine, chardonnay, for me. I had informed them that i enjoy a glass or two of wine every evening. they replied by explaining me how good wines are not easily avaliable in small towns so they made the arrangements.

Very thoughtful of them.

Go for them. they genuinely take interest in their clients.

Kalle-Gustafsson, Helsinki