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Kalle Gustafsson

18 September 2009

Recently I took a short to break to India using this company Indjapink services.They preapred a gr8 tour for me as I ws a sngle travelling & frankly, ws absolutely satisfied with there services.Although one or two incidents occured during the trip which depressed me a bit ...for instance the guide at udaipur asking me to bring my wife & children next time....i ws jst amazed to hear that..

In Kochi , they put me up at a hotel called "The Old Courtyard",where I dint found the staff very friendly...I brought this to there attention. They immediatly shot a mail to their managemnt with a copy to me, mentiong abt my compalint & stricly advsisng the hotel mangemnt that they will nvr use ths hotel again.I ws very impressed by the action they took.

I belive they are a new company bt they handled my tour very well. I'm very happy & thnk you will b too.

The tour was a bit expensive but it didnt pocket pinched me after enjoying all the services & experence they provided.


Kalle-Gustafsson, Helsinki