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de gamumbai

14 September 2009

I and my boyfriend took a 12 day holiday with Indjapink early this year, march/april 2009. i think we were one of their first afew guests. we are based in mumbai & wanted to visit north india but did'nt wish to go to regular , crowded hill stations & the packages of the same offerred by sooo many travel agents. we were celebrating our first anniversary so were looking out for something exciting & well, a bit romantic. And as luck would have it,we ran into Indjapink . & boy,were we surprised to find a travel site in india? but later ,as we started our communication with them, surprise gave way to sure delight.

all i can say is that we found the boys at Indjapink very well informed, responsible/ proffesional but most of all very passionate about their work. they put together an amazing tour for us, took us to hidden jewels in north india & himalayas (kanatal ...& we had never ever heard about it). there are couple of experiences which we fondly remember & often recall & would like to share with you..

They arranged a couple's massage( 2 men ,in india...unbelieveble till six months ago) for us in a tent in the middle of a jungle while we were on an overnight trek, all completely lit with scented candles etc.

on our last night, we were staying in luxury tents on the banks of river ganges,little beyond rishikesh, as we were river rafting . upon checkin & to our utter surprise & disbelief, we found that our tent & bed was completely decked up in rose petals with our names written across the double bed & in the middle of the bed lay a bottle of champagne( & we never paid or asked for it) with a small messagge scribbled on it " congratulations & god bless". it was the most unforgettable experience., we still have the bottle with us.

I don't think and know of any travel agent or tour operator in india who will pay so much attention to these small details/ touches ,especially for men.

If you do, then please let me know.

We will not hesitate to say that they made our tour very,very special & memorable. we will emphatically reccommend them. infact, we have booked ourselves & are eagrly looking forward to their upcoming,an exclusive, group tour to GOA in october this year.

So,Mr njpai,

Can we please be more supportive of cause & their efforts/ endevours. can we not look at everything with a cynical point of view which is, by the way, so typical of most of indian population.

Let's not doubt their integrity & expertise without any substantial reason, evidence or facts.

Lets give it to the boyz for their courage & vision, to tread where no indian has tread before. that itself calls for an applause.

de_gamumbai, Mumbai