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Patrick Ibbertson

4th December 2012

I travelled in India for the first time in October visiting Hyderabad, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. I arranged through Indjapink a 4 day tour from Delhi to Agra and Jaipur. Although I was first visiting with friends in Hyderabad and Delhi, I also arranged with Indjapink for guides in Hyderabad for a day sightseeing and an evening out there, which were both fine even though added to the itinerary at short notice. The enquiry and response time was always very quick and helpful.

The tour from Delhi was very well organised with a comfortable, sturdy vehicle and excellent driver. Robindro was most helpful with all arrangements and met me at the hotel prior to departure, where I also met Edmund who would accompany me for the next four days.

The itinerary was interesting and met every expectation, and the tour guides at each location we visited very well informed and courteous. Edmund has lived abroad and turned out to be a lively and entertaining companion, so never a dull moment throughout the trip. He was always ready with good advice, introduced me to all kinds of local food and was really charming, as well as offering a lot of insights into India as we travelled.

I recommend Indjapink and have already suggested to a couple of friends that they should visit India soon and book their tours with this excellent company.

Patrick Ibbertson, New Zealand