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Gordon and Rudolf

17 October 2011

We just returned from a 15day trip to India. Indjapink , helped and organized for us a truly outstanding journey. After we gave some information, what places we wanted to visit and what our interests are, Kush Sharma, designed an unforgettable trip for us.From being greeted and welcomed at New Delhi airport until our departure, all guys have been outstanding. We had for 8 days an exceptional driver Dalbat, who started with us inUdaipur, he could find places we never had imagined, or could find and drove us overland as far as Ranthambore. In Udaipur, we had Pushkar as our personal escort, a truly fine man, he accompanied us for a fine and fun dinner at Savage Gardens.

Bhuvan was our guide in Delhi and Jaipur, we immediately clicked with the guy and had not only a fantastic, informative and knowledgeable guide, but also had fun with him. Our guide in Agra, also burned for us a Indian music CD, a movie and the history of the Mughal empire.

From Delhi to Varanasi, Kush would call us, if everything was to our satisfaction, he truly went far beyond being a Tour Advisor.

Varanasi, was one of our highlights of this trip, but what it made so very special, was again our guide and his special knowledge and gentle spirit.

The choice of Hotels, Sights, Guides etc. met all of our expectations. Suraj, another fine guy in Delhi, made sure everything was perfect.

Prior to leaving India, we met the owner of Indjapink , Sanjay, who hosted an evening party.


Gordon and Rudolf, St. Petersburg, Florida