Himachal Pradesh

Where Mystical Music Engulfs the Air


The eternal abode of faith and color

Taj Mahal

The poem in marble


Where dreams come True!


Exotic at its Best

Indjapinkis India’s first Travel Organization catering to MEN ONLY. Since its very inception,Indjapink has been providing customized luxury travels to every man or couple who wants to unravel the beauty and mystery of the exotic land of India. This majestic land is bristling with a mix of awe-inspiring landscape and varied cultural traditions. Your journey through this intoxicating country will blaze in your memory long after you have left it! At Indjapink, we make your travel as comfortable as it can be, urging you to be who you are – with an amazing friendly tour operations!

Unravel the mysteries of India, with Indjapink!

Our Bespoken Ingredients

Amalgamation of culture


India is a country where the cultural pattern changes every few miles. Indjapink brings to you an array of cultural kaleidoscopes, explaining and helping you on the way to understand and experience them in all their glory .

At the Venue, conveniently


As a tourist, you may be tired waiting in the queue to visit an attraction, or may not know the nooks and corners which promise a spectacular view! Here's where our Guides come to the picture, as they take you to the places which are special and not generally known, evicting all unwanted waits.

Festive Food


Known for its exhaustive detailing and highly aromatic food, Indian food varies from State to State. At Indjapink, we help you experience newer tastes, subtle and strong - by suggesting the best eateries around, and arranging for Indian Cooking classes from Expert Chefs.

Exclusive Assistance


Our Able , knowledgeable and friendly Guides take you around, providing excellent inputs and an overall enriching trip in a relaxed , enjoyable atmosphere.


Mister & Art House
New Delhi

India’s first Boutique Guesthouse and Art Gallery for Men only

Mister & Art Haveli

India’s Second Boutique Guesthouse and Art Gallery for Men only


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